RF & Mikrodalga Komponentler


Ferrite components,coaxial,Drop-in,Stripline waveguide Circulators and Isolatorsm for Telecom and Defense Industries Hi-Rel components for Space applications


Modular Timing and Frequency systems

GPS, SAASM GPS, Atomic Synchronized Clocks & Time Code Processors

• Distribution & Redundancy Systems

• Tactical Low G-Sensitivity Precise GPS Time & Frequency References for Telecom Networks


Dielectric Resonators, Printed Filters, Base Station Products, Delay Line Filters, Tunable Filters, Tubular Fiters, Suspended Substrates, Cell Site Solutions, Lumped Components, Multi-Function Assemblies, Cavity Filters and Waveguide Filters


Microwave Coaxial Switches & RF Coaxial Relays, Waveguide Switches, Switch Matrix & Space Products, integrated assemblies for Broadcast ,Satcom and Telecom applications

RF  Microwave Filters,Diplexers,switched multiplexers,Dielectric resonator filters Space qualified filters


Modular Digitally Tunable RF Filters and Preselectors up to 3GHz for Military and Commercial Application. Micro, Mini, Maxi and Power Pole Series. Notch Series. Hopping Filters, Integrated Cosite Equipments (ICE) for interferance mitigation


RF  Microwave Trimmer capacitors,Non –Magnetic components,Non-Magnetic ceramic chip capacitors for MRI applications

Ultra High Q porselen multilayer capacitors, Microwave & RF  Capacitors,Single Layer capacitors, Thin Film products,DC Blocking capacitors,XTreme-Q ceramic resonator and  filters


Terminations,  Attenuators,thin and thick film RF/MW  Resistive Components, Semirigid cable assemblies,hybrid and directional couplers RF Microwave passive components Attenuators,Thermopad, Smart load

RF,Microwave and mmwave components and IC s for Telecom ,Defence ans Space GaAs ,GaN, FET &MMIC devices ,Design and Foundry Services


DC to 40 GHz Solid State Control Components. Microwave Solid State Switches, Electronically Variable Attenuators (AGH Technology, AGT Technology,) Detector Log Video Amplifiers, Bias Tees,and Integrated Assemblies


Wireless Solutions ,Embedded Radio Frequency Modules,Digital Data Trancievers,Radio Modems, OOK & FSK Receivers Heating  Elements & Power Resistors High Thermal Conductivity Technologies for Power Lighting Applications


low noise, pulsed and CW traveling wave tube amplifiers(TWTA)  capable of power levels from 10 to 50 kilowatts over frequency ranges from 1 to 95 GHz. Custom TWTA's, and OEM power supply modulators for Ground ,Airborne and Shipborne Test equipment for TWTs



-waveguide bends

-sidewall topwall couplers




-Power combiners&Dividers

-Antenna Feedhorns

-OMTs Orthomode Tranducers

-Adapters &Transitions

-Crossguide Loop Directional Couplers



-Rotary Joints for S-Band ATC Radar

-Multichannel Large Rotary Joints

-X-Band Rotary Joints

-Satcom SNG SOTM Rotary Joints



-GaAs,GaN Power Amplifiers,

-Low Noise Amplifiers,

-TWT Driver Amplifiers

-Converters,Trancievers,Multiplier Amplifiers

-Miniature Amplifiers,

-Ka-Band Block Up Converters,

-Ultra Wide Band Low Noice Amplifiers

WAKA Manufacturing


Waka develops and produces coaxial connectors and cables that carry micro waves up to 110 Hz as well as micro wave components such as phase shifters and filters. Our proprietary designs based on our longtime know-how and analyses of electromagnetic fields, in particular our xcellent properties in the milli-meter wave band, as well as precision and quality production at our national plants to distinguish Waka from our competitors. In addition to part units, we deliver solutions to suit our customers' 

micro wave designs.

Waveguide Adapters

RF Mini Modules 10—40 GHz

Coaxial Connectors to 110GHz

Coaxial Adaptors

Coaxial Components

Knowles Precision Devices

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) product lines are available in standard surface mount
packages as well as ribbon and radial lead packages. SMD case sizes range from 0402 to 8060.
We support voltages to 12kV and high level application specific screening such as AEC-Q200
for automotive, MIL-PRF-55681 for medical implantable and much more.

Single layer capacitors support microwave and mmWave applications up to 100GHz and are widely used in
support of general DC Blocking, Low Noise Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers and High Power Amplifiers, Oscillators
and Filters

Trimmers portfolio includes air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics that can be used from 1 MHz to
over 2 GHz and at voltages up to 20,000 VDC. Trimmers are available in precision Multi-Turn and
Half/Single turn formats

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